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Feelette Oy celebrates its official launch and patent for time-sharing over the internet...

Cape Town, RSA: Feelette Oy is proud to announce that our panted was granted by the United States Patent Office (USPTO). You can see the complete patent here. This is a great Milestone for us as it already gained international attention both with investors and the entertainment industry. Our partnerships will propel our innovation to the next level as it will disrupt the industry.

The patent is about sharing time and enabling reactions in a more personable way over the internet of things (IoT). The patent family also includes European Patent Office (EPO) application where time and pressure shared message is blockchain secured. It goes beyond the traditional reactionary emojis to a real-time internet-shared experience. Currently all social media communication like emoticons as expressions of like, or as in like or dislike and thumbs up or thumbs down, and so on. Social platform reactions have evolved from simple like thumbs up button to love heart, thankful flower, haha face, sad face and angry face, and so forth. Every other social media platform has followed, but communications have not evolved.

Sharing time over the internet is the next evolution for reactions

Chats have hundreds of emoticons and they've become part of everyday communication in the same way as shortening of words used to be in text (SMS) messages. For example, in an SMS message can be written, this is 4U – for you, or I<3 U – I love you. Symbols like :) smile have been meaningful means of communication of moods – happiness or sadness.

A benefit of the invention is that it is easy to use, and gives a more personal communication feeling to the communication between the users thus preventing negative communication effects such as social media outrage from increasing. The invention also enables applications in which learning skills of the artificial intelligence systems and/or robots can be enhanced.

Our Slogan Don’t Just Share it… Feelette is an expression of how better communication improves accessibility, tackle hate speech and overall humanize the quality of reaction on the internet by time-sharing. What is most exciting is how our software is multi-faceted in how it can be applied to many industries.

About Feelette Oy: Feelette Oy was founded 2015 in Cape Town- South Africa, Taipei- Taiwan (ROC) and Heinola- Finland. Its main objective is to develop better communication over the Internet of Things (IoT).

Contact: Wadzanayi Mutema:

Feelette Oy, 32 Kloof Street, Cape Town

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