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Project Fanfare

Working in partnership with the Basketball Africa League, Feelette built a series of tools and languages that create and measure new, non-invasive metrics for fan engagement based on core human emotion.

Project Fanfare is a patented system that allows fans around the world to interact with live sports and entertainment as if they were right in the stadium. They can cheer for their favourite teams & send positive vibes to key players, all without taking their attention away from the game itself. 

Our mission was to build a system that can exist in parallel with the live content, without interfering with the viewing experience. To create a portal between the tangible and the digital.

​We created a system that can measure fan engagement based on the attention and interests of the fans watching the content live.


01 - Stream

A seamless, global entertainment experience.

Feelette Fanfare is an interactive layer that runs invisibly on top of live sporting content. Fans are given easy to use tools to share their energy with the teams and players they love.

02 - Cheer

Excitement beyond time, place, and language

Using Project Fanfare, we are able to provide fans with an interactive layer to the live sports and e-sports. The goal was to provide the stadium experience from any screen. This creates a new measurement of fan interest and engagement that is global, nonintrusive, and based on human emotion.


03 - Celebrate

Go beyond the Game

Project Fanfare creates a connected metaverse that brings the excitement of the stadium to the digital realm. We give fans the ability to celebrate the love of the game on any screen large or small.

Magic behind the machine

Building an emotional metaverse

We started Feelette to create a seamless emotional bridge between our physical reality and the digital realm. We develop tools and languages to help create an open metaverse where we communicate using our true feelings and emotions to the world.


Request a Demo

We would love to show you what we're working on!

Collaboration is the connection we can all share together, and we would love to connect with you or your team and build a better online world.


Thank you for your interest in Project Fanfare! Expect an email from us soon.

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