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How are you doing?

Hey there! How are you doing? That simple question forms the foundation of Feelette Oy. We've come to a realization: the existing digital communication tools fall short when it comes to answering this question. The internet lacks tools for emotional communication, leaving us adrift in a vast wilderness, lost in extremities.

It's no secret that we, as humanity, tend to misbehave in the internet, or as it's fashionably called nowadays, the metaverse. Hate speech, extreme political swings, narcissism—you name it, there are numerous reasons behind these phenomena. However, one key factor stands out: the absence of proper tools for communication and human interaction in this realm. That's where we come in. Our small contribution comes to life in the form of digital communication tools tailored specifically for human emotions.

In the future of the internet, control plays a pivotal role. Considerable efforts are made to monitor and regulate human behavior, collecting (meta)data that ultimately educates algorithms and fuels artificial intelligence, particularly for purposes like social media advertising. Yet, remarkably little attention is given to empowering individuals with control. The mind-boggling advancements in automated research using metadata have resulted in astonishing psychological models based on AI, accurately deciphering human behavior. However, amidst this progress, questions arise about personal agency. Does your opinion matter? Does it hold any weight when you strive to portray yourself in a certain way, to uplift yourself, even if sensors and AI algorithms claim otherwise?

Now, here's the punchline: what we offer is not some utopian dream or futuristic innovation. Feelette Oy has patented a communication method over the internet, bridging the gap between humans and machines, where the sharing of time and pressure takes center stage. This universal form of communication transcends language and cultural barriers, allowing the entire humanity to understand it. When you make yourself available, others comprehend your availability, no matter where they reside. Furthermore, the shared experience of pressure adds an intense dimension to that availability.

This is just one example of how communication over the internet can be enhanced, but it merely scratches the surface. We are compelled to do better—for humanity's sake. We must strive for advancements that empower individuals, foster genuine connections, and uplift the human experience in the digital realm. Together, let's embark on this journey to create a better future, where communication thrives and humanity flourishes.

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